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NEJM Journal Watch Online CME

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to answer a certain number of questions correctly to earn CME credit?
You must answer all 4 questions correctly to earn CME credit. You have unlimited chances to answer the questions correctly. The related NEJM Journal Watch summaries are conveniently just a click away.

How do I use the free online exams that are part of my NEJM Journal Watch subscription?
We track the free exams that come as part of your NEJM Journal Watch subscription. When you log in and choose to take an exam, we check your records for available exam credits. If you have exam credits available, you are taken to the exam. If you do not have exam credits available, you will be offered the option of purchasing additional exam credits at the preferred subscriber rate.You can check your available exam credits on the Exam Balance page of our website.

I have a subscription to one of the specialty NEJM Journal Watch newsletters. Do I receive free online exams?
All subscribers to NEJM Journal Watch specialty newsletters receive 10 free exams with each paid subscription.

How often will new exams be uploaded?
New exams will be available every two weeks.

What happens to my free exams when my subscription term ends?
The free online exams that are included with your paid subscription are only available during the term of that subscription. Once the subscription term is over, the free exams are no longer available.

Where can I view my exam history?
A personal record of completed NEJM Journal Watch Online CME exams is maintained for you on the My CME History page of our website.

How do I provide feedback?
Your feedback is valuable in the continued improvement of our program. Send us your comments

Where can I find information about the NEJM Journal Watch print CME programs?
Click here for more information on the NEJM Journal Watch print CME programs.

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Where can I find out more about Continuing Medical Education?

Still have questions?

For more information about Continuing Medical Education sponsored by the MMS, please contact the MMS Department of Medical Education at (800) 322-2303 ext. 7306 or by email at

For further information, please contact Customer Service and Fulfillment Monday through Friday 8am — 4pm EST. Within the U.S. & Canada, contact us by email, by telephone 800-843-6356, or by secure fax 781-893-0413. Outside the U.S. & Canada, contact us by email, by telephone +1-781-434-7888 or by secure fax +1-781-893-0413.

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