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NEJM Journal Watch (General)
Exam Title Posted Date
JW General JW (General): Obstructive Sleep Apnea, Cognition Jan 15 2014
JW General JW (General): Lifestyle and Pharma Interventions to Prevent CVD Jan 29 2014
JW General JW (General): Aspirin and Gout, Pain Reduction in Lower-Extremity OA Feb 12 2014
JW General JW (General): Treating Patients with Alzheimer Disease Feb 26 2014
JW General JW (General): Osteoarthritis, Arthroplasty, Aging and Heart Disease, Older Parents Mar 26 2014
JW General JW (General): Gut Microbiome, Satellite Cells, HCV Resolution, Whole-Genome Sequencing Apr 9 2014
JW General JW (General): Prescription Nonadherence, ICU Capacity, Survivors of Childhood Cancer May 7 2014
JW General JW (General): COPD, Influenza, Bronchitis May 21 2014
JW General JW (General): Asthma, CAP, BPH Jun 18 2014
JW General JW (General): Ultrasound for PE, Ultrasound for Skin Masses, CT for Pancreatic Cysts, Kidney Injury After CT Jul 2 2014
JW General JW (General): Hydroxychloroquine, Voriconazole, Sildenafil, Zoster Vaccine Aug 13 2014
JW General JW (General): Knee Osteoarthritis, Hand Osteoarthritis, Hip Osteoarthritis, Biologics Aug 27 2014
JW General JW (General): Osteonecrosis of the Jaw, Fracture Risk, Bone-Mineral Density Screening, Atypical Femur Fractures Sep 3 2014
JW General JW (General): Telephone Triage, Telemedicine Pain Management, Reflective Time, MA Healthcare Reform Sep 10 2014
JW General JW (General): Weight Loss, Effect of BMI Sep 24 2014
JW General JW (General): Intensity of Glycemic Control; ACE Inhibitors vs. ARBs; Statins Oct 8 2014
JW General JW (General): Gonorrhea, Sore Throat, Urine Cultures Nov 5 2014
JW General JW (General): Vertebral Fractures, Hand Therapy, Polymyalgia Rheumatica Dec 31 2014
JW General JW (General): Pharmacotherapy Risks in Elders Jan 28 2015
JW General JW (General): Influenza, HBV, HPV Feb 11 2015
JW General JW (General): Exercise, Bariatric Surgery, Fractures, Gut Microbiome Mar 11 2015
JW General JW (General): Assessing Kidney Function, Warfarin Risk, Interstitial Nephritis, Contrast-Enhanced CT Mar 25 2015
JW General JW (General): Adverse Effects of Statins and NSAIDs Apr 22 2015
JW General JW (General): Gliptins, Cognitive Decline, Prevention Apr 28 2015
JW General JW (General): Osteoarthritis Therapy May 6 2015
JW General JW (General): MRSA, Travelers' Infections, Arthritis, Penicillin Allergy May 20 2015
JW General JW (General): Smoking Cessation, Alcohol Abuse Treatment Jun 3 2015
JW General JW (General): CT for Diagnosis and Screening Jun 17 2015
JW General JW (General): Caring for Patients at the End of Life Jun 23 2015
JW General JW (General): Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Effects, Cancer and Adverse CV Events Jul 1 2015
JW General JW (General): INR and Kidney Function, Oral Iron, Transfusion Threshold Jul 15 2015
JW General JW (General): Giant Cell Arteritis, Methotrexate and Lung Disease, Spine Care, Osteoporosis Genetics Jul 29 2015
JW General JW (General): Side Effects of Antidepressants Aug 12 2015
JW General JW (General): Diet Affects Health, Commercial Weight-Loss Programs Aug 26 2015
JW General JW (General): Multidrug-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae, Vaginal Infections, C. trachomatis Vaccine, Zoster Vaccine Sep 9 2015
JW General JW (General): Asthma Control, Asthma in Athletes Oct 7 2015
JW General JW (General): Physical Therapy, Psoriatic Arthritis, Uric Acid–Lowering Therapy Oct 21 2015
JW General JW (General): Diet and Diabetes, Saturated Fat, Calcium Supplementation Nov 4 2015
JW General JW (General): Drug Costs and Use Among U.S. Elders Nov 18 2015
JW General JW (General): Sleep Apnea Dec 16 2015
JW General JW (General): Nasal Polyps, COPD, Endobrachial Valves, Bronchoscopy Feb 10 2016
JW General JW (General): CKD, IgA Nephropathy, Renal Stones, Acute Kidney Injury Mar 9 2016
JW General JW (General): Treating Hypertension in Diabetic Patients Mar 23 2016
JW General JW (General): Dietary Supplements, Hyperbaric Oxygen, Medical Marijuana Apr 6 2016
JW General JW (General): Bariatric Surgery, Liraglutide, Obesity Paradox Apr 20 2016
JW General JW (General): Pharmacist-Led Care; Physician Workload; Text Messaging; OTC Genetic Testing May 4 2016
JW General JW (General): Dupilumab, LABAs, Vitamin D, Infant Dysbiosis May 18 2016
JW General JW (General): Antidepressant Prescribing Jun 1 2016
JW General JW (General): Effects of Diet on Cardiovascular Function Jun 15 2016
JW General JW (General): Diabetes Therapies, Statin Use, Diabetes Prevalence Jun 29 2016
JW General JW (General): Quality of Care Jul 13 2016
JW General JW (General): Fracture Risks Jul 27 2016
JW General JW (General): Managing Acute Respiratory Conditions Aug 10 2016
JW General JW (General): Anti-TNF Therapy Cessation, Tai Chi for OA, Back Pain Management Strategies Sep 7 2016
JW General JW (General): Colorectal Cancer Screening, Lung Cancer Screening Oct 5 2016
JW General JW (General): MRI Findings, Sudden Neurological Death, Migraine Nov 16 2016
JW General JW (General): Palliative Care, Medical Scribes Nov 30 2016
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